Faith in Our Future
Enrollment Initiative

One hallmark of Catholicism is that it calls us together as a family of faith to support one another, our parishes, and our schools. With a look toward our future, we are excited to announce the two-phase Faith in Our Future Enrollment Initiative that will support an increase in school enrollment.

Additional students in our classrooms lead to optimal learning environments and help provide even more opportunities in extracurriculars and athletics.


Phase I of our enrollment initiative will begin this fall with the introduction of transfer grants. New students that were not enrolled at Alleman, Seton, Jordan, or Our Lady of Grace for the 2023-2024 school year who transfer to one of our schools (Grades 1-12) for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year will receive the following grant(s):

Increased enrollment, even at reduced rates, allows us to stabilize tuition costs and reduce our dependency on fundraising. All of our schools operate below 100% capacity, with fixed costs being our largest budget expenditures. This means that every empty classroom seat currently represents unrealized economic potential. In the same way that airlines offer discounted tickets on unsold seats to maximize revenue on every flight, our goal is to convert each empty classroom seat into revenue.


We know that some public school parents and students are not happy with their current education option. Transfer grants empower our schools to reach out to and incentivize this potential market. These grants also enable our current families to play an increased role in our enrollment efforts. Any current family that recruits a family that enrolls at Alleman, Seton, or Jordan will receive a $300 tuition credit for each family referred. Please speak to one of our Catholic school business managers if you have questions on our referral grants or would like to learn more.


We recognize the sacrifices being made by our families to attend our Catholic schools. While each Catholic student’s tuition is already being partially subsidized by their home parish, families with students simultaneously attending Alleman and a partner school have a combined cost of tuition that can tax a family budget. Beginning in the fall of 2025 Family of Faith Grants will be given to these families to offset tuition costs.

The Faith in Our Future Enrollment Initiative is being supported with the new Faith in Our Future Enrollment Fund, which reflects an investment in our students by alumni and members of our community who believe that strong Catholic schools are essential to society. Our enrollment initiative will be reviewed annually and all families are encouraged to continue applying for financial aid at our schools.

We are all in this together. And together, we are putting faith in our future!

Jane Barrett
Co-Principal, Alleman Catholic High School
Seton Catholic School

Mike Lootens
Co-Principal, Alleman Catholic High School

Kelly McLaughlin
Jordan Catholic School