Home of the Pioneers!

Alleman Catholic High School considers the athletic experience to be an important part of our students' overall development and are proud that upwards of 65% of our student body participate in one or more of the programs. Alleman houses 19 exceptional varsity programs and is a proud member of the Western Big 6 and Illinois High School Association.

The foundations of our athletic programs are hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership taught along with an implicit curriculum of faith. We hope our students will realize and exceed their athletic potential while learning life lessons as a result.

We will work hard to maintain the proper perspective that a student-athlete is a student first and an athlete second. Our goal is athletic success, with greater aspirations of cultivating young people to achieve success in a variety of areas to help prepare them for the future.

Mark VanNatta, Athletic Director

Boys Head Coaches

Cross Country:  Shane Shemek

Boys Golf:  Taylor Love

Football:  Jeff Schmulbach

Soccer:  Tavo Garcia

Basketball:  Scott Morel

Wrestling:  Norman Jacks

Boys Tennis: Bil Allee

Track & Field:  Kenny Lee

Baseball:  Thomas Smith

Girls Head Coaches

Basketball: Steve Ford

Varsity Football Cheerleading:  Logan Titus

Varsity Basketball Cheerleading:  Logan Titus

Cross Country:  Shane Shemek

Competitive Dance:  Emma Legare 

Golf:  Breanne Ford

Soccer:  Randy Bollman

Softball:  Mike Ackerman

Tennis:  Bil Allee

Track & Field:  Kenny Lee

Volleyball:  Morgan DeBruine

College Athletes
We are excited to cheer on our talented Pioneers who look to continue their academic and athletic careers at the college level!

Hall of Fame
Founded in 1995, the Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor achievements and contributions made by former student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and administrators.

History of Athletic Directors

  • Fr. Gene Gould: 1949-1950

  • Fr. Palacz: 1950-1952

  • Don Morris: 1952-1983

  • Mike Ryan: 1983-1984

  • Don George: 1984-1986

  • Mike Tracey: 1986-1993, 2020, 2022

  • Larry Schulte: 1993-2005

  • Steve Smithers: 2005-2016

  • Joe Conklin: 2016-2020

  • Grant Iles: 2020-2021

  • Mark VanNatta: 2022-

Athletic/Cheerleading Code

Coaches Compliance Checklist


Alleman Catholic High School Home Athletic Event Protocols:

Football Games:

  • Visiting team fans and individuals not affiliated with Alleman are required to sit on the Visiting team’s side located on the south side of the stadium.

  • Please enter the stadium on the corresponding side of the home/visitors seating.

  • All middle school and younger spectators must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to enter the stadium. All K-8 students are required to sit with their parent/guardian during the games. 

  • K-8 students will not be allowed to play or assemble on the track, field, north concourse, or other areas of the stadium. Only cheerleaders and event personnel are allowed on the track during the game.

  • Alleman students and visiting team students will not be allowed to visit the opposite school’s student section for any reason.

  • Security personnel will be stationed near the east end zone to ensure spectators do not cross to the opposing team’s side and that students/spectators return to their seats after visiting concessions

  • Cheers, chants and language from both student sections will remain consistent with the expectations of the IHSA and its sportsmanship guidelines. 

Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in removal from the event.